Daytime Food Menu

Served from 12:00am until 2:30pm

Treat Yourself to our Daytime Food Menu

Here you can find a delicious choice of dishes on our Daytime Food Menu.

Open Sandwiches

Newlyn Crab & Prawn

A hint of lemon and black pepper with mayonnaise on the side


Mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic

Goats Cheese

With rocket, red onion and a chilli jam

Rump Steak

Prime Cornish steak seared & topped with sauteed mushroom & Helford blue cheese


All served with cous cous, potato salad and coleslaw

Tempura Vegetables

With quinoa salad

Buttermilk Chicken

With guacamole


A salad using fresh local seafood as delivered on the day – ask for details

More Substantial

Real Fish & Chips

Fresh white fish landed in Newlyn and served with fries, Blacks’ own mushy peas and tartare sauce

Bubble and Squeak

Topped with griddled honey roast ham or locally smoked haddock and a soft poached duck egg

Blacks' Burger

Three choices from the blackboard including prime Cornish steak, chicken or vegetarian – served with fries & our own relish

Smokey Seafood Chowder

8.50 / 15.90
Fresh mixture of white fish, prawns and mussels finished with Mounts Bay smoked cheddar and chilli oil, served with fresh bread (available as starter or main)

Seafood Linguine

9.95 / 19.50
Scallops, tiger prawns & Newlyn crab served in a garlic and white wine sauce (available as starter or main)


Served individually or to share


13.50 / 26.00
Roasted vegetables, feta salad, stuffed sweet chilli peppers, mozzarella, garlic & rosemary flatbreads, hummus & olives, balsamic, halloumi, cherry tomatoes & sweet potato fries


14.00 / 28.00
Local scallop thermidor, mussels cooked in wine, garlic and cream, tiger prawns & langoustine cooked with chilli, shallot and garlic butter, salt & pepper squid and crispy whitebait all served with dips and fries

Charcuterie & Cheese

13.50 / 26.00
A selection of Cornish charcuterie, Cornish cheddar, blue cheese, baby gem, cherry tomatoes, pickled apple, pickled vegetables, chutney and homemade bread