Blacks of Chapel Street Menu

Food and Drink in Penzance

Jumbo Crispy Bagel at Blacks of Chapel Street
Lunch in Penzance – food at Blacks of Chapel Street

Our menu is designed to bring you a variety of food and drink offerings throughout the day. Some, like our tried and tested favourites, are around most of the time. Others take advantage of the great fresh local produce that is available. We can source this from special suppliers consequently change day by day with the seasons.

Blacks is ideally suited in a multi-role capability – either as a cafe during the day, or a bar and restaurant in Penzance at night.

Whether you are looking for a mid-morning ‘pick me up’ or a tasty lunch. Perhaps an afternoon treat or a more substantial evening meal. Please have a look below for an idea of what is available. If you fancy a more social dimension to our food why not try our sharing platters? Assuming that you don’t mind watching your friends eat that last morsel!

The examples that are given often change (as we don’t believe in sticking to the same offerings day in, day out) so if you are unsure of what we will be providing on a particular day please call us or check the social media links for up-to-date posts.

To the left are some example menu pages – please select from the list to see examples of the great food we serve. As a reminder, this is just a sample, the food offered on the day may be different – please check with us if you are looking for a particular dish on the day of your visit.

Curio Gin at Blacks of Chapel Street
Now in stock at Blacks of Chapel Street – Curio Gin