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Relax with a carefully crafted concoction from the Cocktail Menu at Blacks of Chapel Street.

Bakewell Martini
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Classic Martini


Ignore James Bond’s famous instructions and stir this vodka-based Martini instead of shaking. As the British author, W. Somerset Maugham once stated, “Martinis should always be stirred, not shaken so that the molecules lie sensuously one on top of the other.” Wise words for gin and vodka Martinis alike.



Apparently, the original Cosmopolitan was created by a South Beach bartender named Cheryl Cook. Eager to invent a new cocktail for the Martini glass, Cheryl riffed on the classic Kamikaze using a newly introduced citrus-flavored vodka plus a splash of cranberry juice. The rest is rose-hued history.

Espresso Martini


What do you get when you mix vodka and espresso? One hell of a cocktail.

Harvey Wallbanger


The Harvey Wallbanger is a modern classic that combines a Screwdriver with the Italian liqueur Galliano. Reportedly born in the 50s, the cocktail was a hit in the 1970s. Recently, Galliano converted back to their original recipe so try this drink today if you want to relive the golden days of disco.




The Manhattan cocktail—now this is what the Manhattan Project should’ve been about.



While the Margarita is one of the most popular, its origins are shrouded in mystery. There are almost as many stories about who invented the margarita as there are margarita recipes. Some like them blended, others with a sweetener but many argue the best margarita recipe is this classic one.



What’s the perfect way to capture summer all year long? A well-mixed Mojito, of course. A decedent of the Cuban cocktail El Draque, this five-ingredient highball is a favourite of many, including Ernest Hemingway.

Old Fashioned


The Old Fashioned cocktail is old-school but never out of fashion.


Tom Collins


An all-time gin classic, the Tom Collins is essentially a sparkling lemonade spiked with a healthy dose of the juniper spirit. While there is a debate which side of the pond this drink was born, this cocktail lives up to his classic status with every sip.