Daytime Food Menu

Served from 12:00am until 2:30pm

Treat Yourself to our Daytime Food Menu

Have a look at the options from our Daytime Food Menu for your lunch in Penzance. We pride ourselves in supporting our local producers which, in turn, allows our chefs to create an exciting seasonally varied menu from the land and sea around Cornwall. Don’t forget to check out our Specials Board, but please bear in mind this is only an example and can change from day to day as demand is high!

Not too hungry? To cater for all appetites much of our lunch menu can be served either as a ‘starter’ or ‘main’ size dish.

Honey grilled figs, Rosary goats cheese, beetroot, pine nuts and organic leaves

8.00 / 15.00
(V, Vg cheese)

Quinoa, seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes, padron peppers, chilli and herbs

7.50 / 14.00
(V / Vg / L)

Harissa pulled pork, cheddar cheese, in a focaccia grilled sandwich with organic leaves


Chicken caesar salad, anchovy, croutons, parmesan and capers

8.00 / 15.00
(GF no croutons)

Local Cornish beef burger, bacon, cheese, brioche bun, asian slaw, chips and curry & chorizo mayo


Spiced duck leg salad, pears, date & chilli chutney, cherry tomatoes, soda bread and organic leaves

8.00 / 15.00
(GF bread)

Grilled mackerel fillets, Cornish potato salad, seasonal beans, apple & salsa verde

8.00 / 15.00

Oak roast salmon, saffron cauliflower, gooseberry jam and sesame seed crackers

9.00 / 16.00

West country mussels, white wine, garlic, parsley with soda-bread and butter

8.00 / 15.00
(GF bread)

Courgette, fennel and wild mushroom salad with seasonal beans, spring onions and herb dressing

8.00 / 15.00
(GF, V, Vg, L)

Oak smoked salmon mac and cheese with crispy capers


GF – Gluten Free
V – Vegetarian
Vg – Vegan
L – Lactose Free

Some dishes can be adapted with gluten free and vegan substitutes.

All our food is cooked to order and most can be served gluten and / or lactose ‘free’. If you have specific dietary requirements or allergens, please ask the front of house team before ordering.