Light Lunch Menu

Served from 11:00am until 3:00pm

Classics for a Light Lunch

Here you can find details of our tasty Light Lunch Menu which has been carefully put together to provide you with a great selection of daytime food options. This is a little bit more substantial than our ‘Daytime food options’ which you can view in the side menu.  So when you are in Penzance and looking for lunch, pop into Blacks of Chapel Street for a great selection of local Cornish produce.

Soup of the Day

Served with our own baked corn bread, please ask for flavour for the day

Spiced Fish Chowder

7.95 / 14.50
Fresh mixture of white and smoked fish dusted with our mild spice blend and served with fresh baked bread (also available as a starter)

Fish & Chips

Fresh white fish landed in Newlyn and served with pea puree, Blacks tartare & curry dipping sauces

Blacks' Burger

Made on the premises with prime Cornish steak,  topped with red onion, tomato, gherkin and melted Cheddar cheese and served with red pepper & chilli jam and fries

Blacks' Veggie Burger

Lightly spiced chickpea & white bean burger topped with red onion &  tomato served with red pepper & chilli jam and fries

Vegetable Platter

Rosemary & lemon risotto, chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, Spanish bean stew, spicy hummus and served with Blacks’ sopaipillas


Asparagus, chilli, lemon & toasted almond

Spicy Trio

Pork & white bean chilli, romesco braised beef, chicken & smoked paprika served with cardomom rice and seasame sopaipillas


Apple, Pear, Chickpea & Candied Walnut

Topped with a creamy poppy dressing – delicious!

Blacks' Mediterranean Vegetable

Mediterranean vegetables, feta cheese, olives, mint and seasonal leaves dressed with either yoghurt & herb or vinaigrette dressing

Blacks' Breakfast Salad

A warm salad of crispy bacon, sausage and black pudding topped with a poached egg

Cajun Chicken & Mango Salad

With toasted sesame seeds, crunchy salad leaves, spring onions & coriander drizzled with a light lemon dressing