Pusser’s Rum

Pusser’s Rum at Blacks of Chapel Street

Pusser's Rum
Pusser’s Rum – Admiralty strength available at Blacks of Chapel Street

We are really pleased to now have Pusser’s Rum in stock at Blacks of Chapel Street. Not just the ‘standard’ 40% strength but the full on ‘Admiralty’ strength at 54.5% (because we can)….

This goes by the name of ‘Gunpowder’ strength elsewhere in the world and has been compared to being the ‘Malt whisky’ of rums.

So if you enjoy your rums and like to try something with a bit of history then come and sample Pusser’s with us…. Oh yes, we do know how to make a mean Painkiller….

To find out more about this iconic rum, visit www.pussers.com